Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium

Today in advance of getting my new Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium I wanted to tell you about my very own instrument.

The Sterling Virtuoso is a instrument that can be customised to a customers specific need, which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular instrument. If you do not want a trigger you don't have to have one, and likewise you can choose what bell type you want on the instrument - whether it be a standard bell or a heavy brass bell.

For my instrument I chose a heavy red brass bell which is designed to enhance the euphoniums sound. Along with the heavy brass bell I was going to have a heavy valve cap on the 2nd and 4th valve caps although some recent development in the instruments design allowed me to have heavy valve caps underneath  each of the valves. I will also be adding a trigger system to my new Sterling Virtuoso to enhance my tuning.

Well my new euphonium comes in 10 days time. Further reports to follow on how it plays and how it looks (with pictures) ...

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